TOP7 The Best Car Covers 2018

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle while it’s not on the go, there’s no better way to do it than using a car cover. Keeping away dust, tree sap, rain, dirt and so on is more important than you think. Moisture and dust particles can get inside your car, even if it stands still for days and weeks (even in your garage). Therefore, it needs protection. In this overview, seven best rated car covers are observed: they will guard your vehicle against bad weather, dust, dirt, and moisture.

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What is a Car Cover?
Product Comparison Table: Best Car Cover
Interesting Facts
How Did We Choose the Best Car Covers?
TOP7 Car Covers
- 1. AUDEW Car Cover SUV Cover Car Snow Cover Waterproof
- 2. Leader Accessories 5 Layer Car Cover Xtreme Guard Waterproof Breathable
- 3. XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover-Fits Sedan
- 4. OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover - 100 Water-Proof 7 Layers
- 5. Water Resistant,Dust,Snow,Sun UV proof,Antiscratch PEVA Seamless Universal Fit Car Cover
- 6. Duck Covers A2C200 Double Defender Car Cover for Sedans up to 16' 8
- 7. Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Van & SUV Cover UV Protection Up to 185
How to Take Care of Car Surface?

What is a Car Cover?

This is a piece of textile that protects the car from the negative influence of bad weather, dust, dirt, bird poop, and so on. It can be used when the vehicle is standing outside, or in a garage. This is a simple, but tried and trusted method to keep precipitations, moisture, and dust away. Car covers can be made of different materials: plastic, polypropylene, cotton and other natural fabric, nylon, and so on. The choice of material is crucial since cover’s features are defined by that. While some models can protect a machine from dust only and collect moisture, others may reflect UV-rays and prevent any precipitations and dirt from getting inside.

What is it used for?

Good car covers perform multiple protective functions:

  • don’t let dust and wind-borne particles stay on and inside the car;
  • prevent paint from fading because of UV-radiation;
  • keep away animals’ scratches and bird poop, as well as insects, sap and other negative factors of natural origin;
  • don’ t let moisture and water collect on and inside;
  • hide your vehicle from others’ prying eyes.

A worthy car cover can serve the entire car’s lifespan keeping it clean and safe.

Product Comparison Table: Best Car Cover


audew cover

AUDEW Car Cove

leader cover



XCAR Brand

oxgord cover


PEVA cover

PEVA Seamless

duck covers

Duck Covers

motor trend cover

Motor Trend

Materials PU + cotton PU + waterproof film PU PU + fleece + film PU + cotton PU + cotton High-quality fabric
Dimensions 12.2 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches 15 x 13 x 8 inches 11.9 x 9.9 x 7.9 inches 17 x 13 x 7inches 208.6 x 74.8 x 63 inches 200 x 60 x 51inches 9 x 17 x 15 inches
Weather conditions All All Sun and wind (not suitable for snow and rain) All All All All
Weight 2.96 pounds 8.65 pounds 3.85 pounds 9 pounds 7.3 pounds 4.75 pounds 8.45 pounds
Color Silver Grey Grey Grey Dark-blue Gray and blue Gray
UV protection Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Is it waterproof? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Leaks through seams No


Interesting Facts

car cover

  1. Car covers are still better to be used inside. When used outside, they can start collecting moisture and affect the car paint in a very hot sun.
  2. To protect a car from hailstones, install car jackets with electric fans and switch them on when the cover is put on. They’ll inflate the cover and create an air cushion.
  3. Clear coat already protects the car paint from UV-rays, if it’s in good condition, but exterior rubber and plastic elements should be covered, anyway.
  4. The better the fit, the higher is the level of security. Loose-fit covers can do more harm than good.
  5. Most covers can be simply machine-washed with a soft detergent.

How Did We Choose the Best Car Covers?

To create the list of the worthiest top rated car covers, we read numerous best car covers reviews and compared their characteristics. Besides, we tried putting the covers on different vehicles and checked how well they protected cars from moisture, scratches, and dust. These models were tested both outside and inside.

Top-7 Car Covers

The items from this list are among the most popular and top-rated covers online. They have proved to be useful and efficient. With the help of these car covers reviews, you’ll be able to figure out the most suitable option for your vehicle.

audew cover

AUDEW Car Cover SUV Cover Car Snow Cover Waterproof

One of the best classic car covers, Audew is a versatile car cover that can be used equally efficiently both outdoors and indoors. It’s made of a smart combination of PU and cotton and protects cars from UV-radiation, dust, dirt, bird poop, and small particles from industrial waste. Together with being one of the best waterproof car covers, it’s also wind-resistant, can be easily put on and off, and is strapped at the bottom to avoid the cover being blown away by a heavy wind. The silver exterior layer reflects the sun and prevents overheating, which protects car surface from aging and fading. To top it off, the cover isn’t scratched even by strong and relatively sharp objects, and doesn’t harm the car paint because of friction produced.


  • works during any weather;
  • silver color reflects sun rays;
  • cheap.


  • doesn’t have an inner cotton layer, so it’s not easy to put on and fit.
leader cover

Leader Accessories 5 Layer Car Cover Xtreme Guard Waterproof Breathable

This model can be truly called one of the best outdoor car covers because it consists of five layers resistant to wearing and bad weather (polypropylene + UV protection + waterproof film). It can protect your vehicle from rain, fog, and moisture: seams are made with ultrasonic technology, which won’t let even heavy rain leak through the material. The accessory is suitable for any weather, be that dust, rain, dirt, snow, hailstones and direct sun rays. You don’t have to be afraid of pollutants and bird droppings, as well. To ensure a perfect fit, the model is equipped with an elastic hem that allows fixing the cover in the bottom (even a strong wind won’t blow the cover away). The size makes it versatile: it can be a good replacement for the original Audi, Lexus, Mazda and Mercedes car covers.


  • 5-layer protection;
  • easily fixed on the bottom;
  • versatile size.


  • sticks to car surface on the frost;
  • 5 layers are very thin.

XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover-Fits Sedan

Users in search of non-expensive Porsche car covers should opt for this solution: XCAR offers a lightweight and durable model that fits vehicles up to 200 inches long. One of the best indoor car covers, it ensures basic protection against dust and moisture. The textile is breathable and water-repellent, but not water-resistant: if your car was exposed to rain, when it stops, you should take the cover off and dry it. UV protection is included, as well as the double stitching and elastic hems for convenient fixing. There’s a cable with a lock that will prevent blowing off during severe wind. The kit includes an antenna patch and a storage bag.


  • lightweight and compact;
  • cheap;
  • 1-year warranty;
  • fits all sedans.


  • it’s not water-resistant;
  • too thin for outdoor use.
oxgord cover

OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Car Cover – 100 Water-Proof 7 Layers

According to best outdoor car covers reviews, OxGord ensures superior protection and keeps bad weather at the bay. It fits sedans up to 204 inches long and consists of seven layers: several water-proof layers, 1 layer with micro-perforation, PU layer, and soft fleece on the inside for easier use. Cover’s seams are reinforced for better durability, and the porous layer ensures breathability. With the help of elastic hems and strings, the cover can be fixed with a tight snug. Like many other OxGord car covers, it has a storage bag and a patch for the antenna. The lock adds up to security.


  • features seven layers;
  • water-resistant;
  • ensures maximum security during any weather.


  • expensive;
  • no UV protection.
PEVA cover

Water Resistant,Dust,Snow,Sun UV proof,Antiscratch PEVA Seamless Universal Fit Car Cover

PEVA is among the most reliable car covers for snow and bad weather: it resists dust, rain, ice, UV-rays, and so on. Its upper layer is made of biodegradable material that breathes. The interior layer is made of soft fabric that doesn’t scratch the surface and prevents scratches. There are a windproof strap and a buckle for tight fixation, as well as a password locker and steel strings, which makes it impossible for thieves to steal the cover. Be sure: it won’t disappear with a strong wind. Storage bag comes in the kit.


  • one of the worthiest waterproof cars covers for extreme weather conditions;
  • has adjustable clip-on grommets;
  • 100% biodegradable upper material.


  • seams are not as reliable as promised by the manufacturer.
duck covers

Duck Covers A2C200 Double Defender Car Cover for Sedans up to 16′ 8

Tired of low-quality cheap car covers that don’t last long? Then the solution from Duck Covers will be a perfect trade-off between the price tag and durability. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use: the 3 layers breathe normally and don’t scratch car surface. The seams with ultrasonic welding don’t let water leak inside, while the upper UV-resistant layer doesn’t let heat and radiation damage the car paint. The model is attached with the help of a rope and grommets.


  • versatile: fits sedans up to 200 inches long;
  • has UV protection;
  • protects against both precipitations and dirt.


  • upper seams can still let water in during rain.
motor trend cover

Motor Trend All Weather Waterproof Premium Van & SUV Cover UV Protection Up to 185

Users in search of Mini Cooper car covers and Volkswagen Beetle car covers should pay attention to this model: lightweight and compact, Motor Trend cover serves as a reliable shield against any weather conditions. It features three protective layers and a soft fabric inside for a better fit. Seams are stitches twice for better durability. According to car covers reviews, this item really withstands heavy-duty use resisting rain, hail, snow and strong wind. Besides, breathable layers don’t let moisture collect inside preventing the formation of mold and corrosion. The cover repels sun rays and UV-radiation, as well as dust and dirt.


  • compact and lightweight;
  • non-expensive;
  • suitable for smaller cars than usual sedans.


  • fabric tissue starts deteriorating quickly.

How to Take Care of Car Surface?

Car cover is an accessory that you shouldn’t ignore, if you want your car to serve as long as it can, especially if it stands outside or in your garage in idle mode. When it comes to car covers, cheap solutions aren’t worth trying: all in all, you get what you pay for. A perfectly customized cover made of top-notch materials can serve during the entire lifespan of your car (or at least 5 years).

How to Use Car Covers?

Here are some rules for correct use of car covers:

  1. Wash your car before putting the cover on. Otherwise, dust and dirt particles will rub against car paint and scratch it causing deterioration of the clear coat, and the cover will only make things worse.
  2. It’s crucial to select a cover that suits the dimensions of your car: measure them before making a purchase. Why is it important? A tight fit ensures that the cover won’t be moving too much in strong wind and under rain showers, which reduces the risk of tearing and damage to car’s exterior.
  3. Buy covers with special cords and retainers to make sure it won’t be blown away by wind or stolen by thieves. Advanced models even go with locks.
  4. Car covers should be washed periodically. Follow the instructions strictly: the vast majority of models can be machine-washed with a mild detergent. Make sure you don’t use aggressive cleaning agents that can damage the layers of your cover. To remove dirt and dust more regularly, use a usual wet microfiber cloth.

How to Install the Accessory?

The easiest way to install or remove a car cover is rolling it on and off. To do the first, you need to put it on the vehicle in position, but not to hook under the car. Start from the driver’s side and pull 1/3 of the cover, then fold it over the roof of the vehicle towards passenger seat, so the fold goes over the top, hood, and trunk. You will see that the top is 1/3 of the cover, and each side is another 1/3. When you have the cover rolled over the roof and partially – passengers’ side – go along the vehicle to move the cover. Fold down the sides. That helps to minimize rubbing and scratching. You can remove the cover doing the same in the opposite direction.

When buying an exterior car cover, don’t forget to take fabric or leather car seat covers – the interior of your car needs protection, too. Additionally, you can search for special detergents for washing car covers – they remove dirt carefully and efficiently without damaging layers.


Instead of buying car covers Autozone or car covers from Target, you can make an online order: the above-mentioned seven models are definitely worth your attention. For owners of medium-size sedans, we recommend OxGord and Duck Covers brands that offer an optimal price/quality ratio. If you need a smaller cover that’s suitable for all weather conditions, opt for Motor Trend’s cover. When selecting the cover, mind the dimensions of your car – it’s important to purchase the item that suits your vehicle perfectly. Besides, always pay attention to the features and protection level: don’t spare money you invest in safety and the lifespan of your car. Buy nice or buy twice.

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