TOP7 Best Car Window Cleaner 2018

What is a Car Window Cleaner?

A window cleaner for car is used to remove dust, dirt, streaks, and stains from windshields without damaging the surface of the glass. It contains chemicals that help to get rid even of stubborn spots and protect windows because water isn’t enough to remove tough grime and dirt. Since spots on windows can be of different origin, you may need more than one window cleaner to wash car: for exterior and interior, for water spots, removal of hard dirt residues, and so on. Ammonia-based solution can also be used to clean vinyl, rubber, plastic, and leather, but isn’t supposed to be used in the salon.

Best Car Window Cleaner Comparison Table

This table will help you to figure out the best car window cleaner that matches with your requirements.


Shine Society Glass RX Car Window Cleaner

 Glass  Cleaner

Invisible Glass 

Meguiar’s car window cleaner spray

Meguiar’s Glass 

Chemical Guys car window cleaner

Chemical Cleaner

SprayWay car window cleaner

SprayWay  Cleaner

3M car window cleaner

3M 08888 Cleaner

TriNova car window cleaner

TriNova Cleaner

Volume 18 oz 19 oz 24 oz 16 oz 19 oz 19 oz 18 oz
Type Spray Aerosol Spray Spray Aerosol/foam Aerosol Spray
Kinds of stains removed All (dirt, smudge, fingerprints, streaks, etc.) All exterior stains (dust, bird poop, streaks, etc.) All (dust, water spots, streaks, tree sap) All, but much force has to be applied All (water stains, dust, tree sap, bird poop, watermarks) All All (bugs, sap, fog, watermarks, etc.)
Contents All-natural (no ammonia) Natural(no ammonia) Unique formula with lubricant Natural(no ammonia) Alcohol, no ammonia Chemical, without alcohol and ammonia All-natural
What’s included in the kit Cleaner + microfiber cloth Aerosol only Spray only Spray only Aerosol (12 in the pack) Aerosol only Spray only
Can be used on tinted windows? Yes Yes (exterior only) Yes Yes No Yes Yes (testing is required)
Does it have odor? No Very light Yes Yes No Very strong Light

Interesting Facts

Before and after car window cleaning

  1. If you have a window cleaner with ammonia, it should better be replaced: the chemical emits dangerous fumes that can be harmful for health.
  2. Some cleaners can destroy window tint, which is why more delicate solutions are typically used for interior windows.
  3. Heavy smokers can notice so-called “smoker’s film” on the interior of windows – it forms because of vicious contaminants, and is hard to remove without cleaner.
  4. Micro-fiber and waffle clothes are the best for window cleaning: they remove dirt gently without leaving streaks or scratching the surface.
  5. Specialists don’t recommend using usual household cleaners because alcohol and other elements contained in them can destroy tinted windows, rubber and sealants.

How We Chose and Tested the Best Car Window Cleaners

In order to select the best car window cleaner variants, we read numerous reviews, checked the rating of products in different online stores and platforms, and even performed an independent test. Seven car window screen cleaners we chose were applied on dirty windshields and other surfaces to see how well they worked, whether they removed dirt, and were easy to wipe away without leaving streaks.

Seven top-rated car window cleaners

These overviews will help you to select the best window cleaner for car of your model and make the right decision based on quality and price of products.

Shine Society Glass RX Car Window Cleaner

Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner

Professionally working and environmentally safe, Shine Society’s Glass RX is a cleaner that contains efficient non-toxic components and allows removing dirt, stubborn stains, fingerprints, and foggy film in a matter of a few minutes. The product is versatile: it can be used on usual and tinted car windows, as well as in your home and office. Achieving total glass transparency has never been so easy! Two microfiber towels come in the kit: one removes debris and dirt from window’s surface, another dries and polishes surface removing streaks. No additional washing is required, so this car window glass cleaner is very easy in use.


  • all-natural formula that makes it suitable for all window types;
  • comes with microfiber cloths;
  • removes all types of stains.


  • more expensive than other cleaners from our list.
Invisible Glass Car Window Cleaner

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

Need a versatile product for cleaning both windshield and mirrors? This good car window cleaner can be used on automobile detailing, too. It doesn’t contain scents, dyes, soaps and other elements that leave streaks and traces on windows, so no grime will be attracted to the surface down the road. Instead, Invisible Glass’s formula destroys and dissolves dust and stains on interior window helping to remove smoker’s film and environmental dirt. You can easily get rid of salt spray, road grime, and dust without any trace left. There’s no ammonia in the contents, so you can use the product on tinted windows.


  • works well on both car windows and mirrors;
  • a safe formula.


  • designed for exterior use only.
Meguiar’s car window cleaner spray

Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar’s car front window cleaner was created to make cleaning fast and convenient: it’s enough to apply it once to ensure that you remove all dirt and stains, and the glass stays totally transparent. Besides, unlike other products, this car window tint cleaner can be used under direct sun rays. Its unique lubricant formula helps the wet cloth slide better along the window surface without leaving any residue. It removes every imperfection, starting from environmental film and smoky haze, and finishing by tree sap, dust, water spots, and fingerprints.


  • a special formula eases cleaning;
  • a large bottle for better cost-efficiency;
  • can be applied to tinted windows.


  • doesn’t remove fog on the inner part of windows;
  • the label doesn’t say whether it contains ammonia.
Chemical Guys car window cleaner

Chemical Guys CLD_202_16 Signature Series Glass Cleaner

The best car window cleaner for tinted windows and non-glass surfaces is offered by Chemical Guys. Ammonia-free formula without smell allows using it for both interior and exterior windows of cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. However, the versatility of this spray isn’t restricted by vehicles only – it can also be exploited for cleaning navigation screens, plastic windshields, gauges, and mirrors. All you need to remove grime, dirt, and mist from your window is to apply the product and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. No additional car window cleaner tool is required.


  • can be applied on plastic and glass surfaces;
  • no smell, no ammonia.


  • although it’s a top-rated window cleaner for car, reviews claim it’s not as efficient as other products – you have to apply much force to get rid of stains;
  • streaks and haze are left.

SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

Where can you use this best window cleaner? Car, home, garage, motorcycle, boat – literally, everywhere! SprayWay is a versatile product that’s designed to clean and polish glass, windows, and windshields, as well as car elements from plastic and Plexiglas (organic glass). Foamy formula makes it cling to dirt even on vertical surfaces, which allows removing dirt, dust, smoker’s haze, and fingerprints. Just use a microfiber cloth to clean and remove residues without rinsing, and there will be nothing left behind on transparent car windows.


  • heavy-duty formula for removing even stubborn stains;
  • a truly versatile product;
  • doesn’t contain ammonia.


  • contains alcohol and is aromatized, which some users may not like.
3M car window cleaner

3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

Why 3M’s product is considered to be the best car window cleaner in winter? It’s an aerosol that doesn’t freeze on cold winter, unlike liquid sprays, and doesn’t flow down on vertical surfaces. It efficiently dissolves smudges, dust, and dirt to remove even the most stubborn stains from windshields and windows. The cleaner works equally well on tinted and non-tinted windows and leaves no streaky residues. Besides, 3M is suitable for plastic, chrome, and metal.


  • heavy-duty formula allows removing stubborn stains;
  • can be used during winter;
  • may be applied on different surfaces.


  • has a very strong odor, which makes it unsuitable for interior windows;
  • leaves fog and streaks.
TriNova car window cleaner

TriNova Premium Glass & Mirror Streak Free Cleaner

Users in search of an all-in-one solution should consider TriNova’s product: it can be a sports car rear window cleaner, a replacement for household cleaners, and a great solution for boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The product works on all glass surfaces and windshields and allows easily removing tree sap, dirt, haze, smoker’s film, and so on. It doesn’t leave streaks and residues and removes even stubborn stains. Good news: TriNova offers environmentally-friendly solutions, and doesn’t test its products on animals.


  • versatile and environmentally-friendly;
  • easy to use;
  • cost-efficient.


  • after application, you need time to let the spray work.

How to Care About Car Windows?

In order to perform cleaning of car windows correctly, several important steps should be followed:

  1. Resolve to wipe glass when the rest of car washing is done to avoid making it dirty again during detailing.
  2. Avoid working under direct sunlight – the cleaner evaporates too quickly and leaves spots and soapy residues.
  3. Pay utmost attention to the windshield, because you look through it more often. A high-quality microfiber towel will help you to remove the residues of cleaner accurately, without leaving streaks and traces. It should be lightly dampened: move the towel to a dry side to remove wetness from the windshield. Repeat the same with the rear window.
  4. Don’t forget to roll door windows halfway to clean their top edges – that’s where much dirt is left.
  5. It doesn’t matter where you start from – the exterior, or interior glass – do as you like.
  6. Sometimes removing stubborn film and stains requires cleaning windows more than one time. It depends on the contents of the glass. Don’t hesitate to use your window cleaner several times, if one isn’t enough.

Despite various reviews, it’s not recommended to use usual towels and old T-shirts for cleaning – special waffle towels and microfiber wipes are perfect for removing dirt without damaging the surface of the glass. Bigger fibers can leave visible traces on windows. To avoid dripping of spray cleaner over the glass, apply it on your micro fiber towel: this way, you’ll ensure optimal distribution of the product.

In order to clean hard-to-reach areas, for instance, corners of interior front and rear glass, use special triangle-shaped tools. They’ll help you to remove dust and stains from the tight zone between the windshield and the dashboard and boost your effort if you don’t have enough power to clean such areas.

Homemade car window cleaner

Suppose, you have no professional product at your fingertips and decided to use a homemade window cleaner solution in your car. What ingredient can be used for that? There are three variants of homemade cleaner:

  1. Mix usual glass cleaner with distilled water in 1:1 ratio. Do not use tap water, as it may contain metals that leave residue on windows and slightly damage the surface.
  2. Mix cold distilled water and white vinegar in 4:1 ratio (for instance, 12 cups of water and 3 cups of vinegar). All other types of vinegar can leave residue on the glass. Shake the mixture well and make sure that water isn’t hot – otherwise, a foul smell can be emitted by the cleaner. This mixture can be used in cold winter, but if it still freezes, try adding a bit more vinegar or alcohol.
  3. Mix one gallon of distilled water with a tablespoon of dishwasher and 0.5 cup of ammonia. Shake everything well.

Please, note that when you use these solutions on interior windows, you need to ventilate car salon afterwards – they all emit a pretty strong smell.

Our Recommendations

What is the best car window cleaner? The one that suits your needs! Depending on the type and components of glass, you may need some specific solution. Meguiar’s G8224 Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is a cost-effective solution that quickly dissolves all stains and dirt marks without leaving any streaks and strong smell. It’s non-expensive and can be used on interior windows, as well. Another highly recommendable solution is SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner that works well during wintertime, and can be applied on all surfaces, be that mirrors, glass, chrome and metal elements, etc. With a suitable glass cleaner at hand, you can facilitate the process and reach fascinating results.

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